Welcome 2 Meow Woof!!

Hello and welcome 2 meow woof my digital junk drawer my digital bedroom corner safe space awesome place and hopefully someday digital manifestation of the nice part of my brain! For now i don't have the coding skills for that so it's just a kind of empty version. On here you'll find whatever shit i want :3! I have a ton of plans for things to add, secret pages, shrines, and a whole lot more clutter and decoration. Enjoy your time and watch your step because this place is VERY i repeat, VERY UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! so don't go judging my web design skills just yet bozo!! X) P.S. feel free to email me at m3owwoof22@gmail.com about anything! questions, saying hi, inviting me to a community, whatever you want- don't be shy and don't worry about proper emailing etiquette lol ^_^

p.s. coding is so difficult yo i wish I was just perfect at it instantly and had no struggles!!!

  • To-do!!

  • fix dis broken mess
    and figure out what the
    hell happened to MY DIVS!!
  • everything...
  • make the old experiment zone
    into a landing page (✓)
  • fix about me formatting and
    decorate and finish the info
  • finish formatting art archive,
    add way more to art archive, add
    an intro and also artwork commentary
    to art archive
  • add way more other neocities
  • add all of the pages to add X3...
  • Pages 2 Add

  • diary
  • my art+writing+photography+videos
    etc archives
  • reviews of whatever media (and
    also old cd's i need to go through
    and listen to)
  • shrines+infodumps
  • oc's, lore, worldbuilding
  • comfort corner
  • personality quiz results (part of about me?)
  • irl collections and digi collections
  • secret pages
  • polls
  • pet pages